Devastatingly beautiful. Sexy. The most witty, stunning, criminally sensuous woman to come out of the South since Miss Tallulah Bankhead. Yes, these are all words and phrases Blanche has used to describe herself. She never was much of a shrinking violet. Blanche could, at different times, be selfish, insecure, and just plain immodest at times. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Blanche wasn’t dating one of her many, many, many, many men, she could be seen confiding in the other girls. And every so often, Blanche would be unselfish and do the right thing, and this only makes us love her more. How well do you know Blanche? Take our quiz below and find out.

Blanche Deveraux

How did you do? Did you get more questions right than the number of hours Blanche works per week? Or did you score lower than Blanche did on her Jeopardy! tryout? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite Blanche moments and memories. Please be sure to share this quiz. Have you tried our quizzes on Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia?