Whether real or fake, The Golden Girls featured nuns a few times throughout the series. There was the phony nun who helped steal money from unsuspecting people. Or there was Blanche and Rose having to pretend to be nuns for Angelo’s sake… who was pretending to be a priest. Then there was the time Sophia actually did become a nun for a while. But we all know how that worked out.

We’ll give you ten questions involving nuns in some way. See how well you do on them. And don’t forget to comment with your score in our Facebook group or page. When you’ve finished, try out our quiz on the episode where Sophia wants the pope to bless her friend.

Don't Make It a Habit

How did you do? Did you score so low that the church may excommunicate you? Or did you do better than the woman in the mall did at tricking Blanche and Sophia? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite moments and memories involving nuns whether real or phony. Please be sure to share this quiz. If you haven’t yet, try out our quiz on Dorothy and Father Leahy and their many miscommunications throughout their friendship.