The Golden Girls showcased many interesting characters. The vast majority of them were endearing, charming, and lovable. But some characters were absolutely loathsome, whether it was family betrayal, being a snob to just about everyone, or verbal and physical abuse.

Thankfully, these jerks were dealt with before too much damage had taken place. Let’s have a look at five characters who were the biggest jerks on The Golden Girls.

Jackie and Marla

I know technically they are two characters but we’ll refer to them as one for this article. Jackie and Marla were the teenage girls who Rose and Blanche befriended through the Be-a-Pal program. Everything started off just fine. The four bonded immediately. But it wasn’t long until their true natures were revealed.  Jackie and Marla stole from a store and made sure Blanche and Rose were held responsible. They agreed to admit to what they had done only after Blanche had agreed to bribe them with money. But Blanche got the last laugh by writing them a check from an account that was recently closed.


Holly is Rose’s sister. Rose never did care much for her. And it doesn’t take long to find out that Rose was right about her. Oh, that is unless you’re Dorothy or Blanche. Holly is able to fool Dorothy and Blanche into believing that she was a perfectly lovely person. Holly immediately ingratiated herself to them (though Sophia saw through her right away). Dorothy and Blanche refuse to believe Rose, even lashing out at her at one point. Rose is only proven right when Blanche catches her boyfriend, Gary, cheating on her with Holly. Sophia was right. Holly was full of crap.

Barbara Thorndyke

Barbara Thorndyke is an author Dorothy befriends. Barbara showed her disdain for Blanche and Rose almost immediately. She continuously referred to Blanche as Madge just to get under her skin and says that the two ladies are ‘limited’. Worst of all, she belongs to the Mortimer Club, Miami’s most exclusive restaurant, which doesn’t allow Jewish members. This finally made Dorothy see Barbara for what she truly is and she ends her friendship with Barbara.


Jeremy was Rebecca’s verbally abusive boyfriend. Rebecca had put a bit of weight on since she last saw her mom, and Jeremy used any opportunity he could to point it out and poke fun at her for it. He was able to get away with this at first, because Blanche was afraid to say something to either of them. The last time she tried to voice her concerns about her daughter leaving school for modeling, Rebecca left her life for 4 years. Finally Blanche could take no more and told Rebecca that he doesn’t deserve her. She gets upset and storms out of the house. Thankfully, she came to her senses and broke up with Jeremy. Good riddance as far as we’re concerned.


The biggest jerk of them all, Rex Huntington was verbally abusive to Blanche on multiple occasions. He would constantly put her down in front of anybody who was listening, ordered her around, and was just plain unpleasant. Blanche couldn’t see this at first, and lashed out at Dorothy for trying to point out to her how toxic Rex was for her. It took Blanche seeing Rex put his hands on Dorothy to see what he really was. And thankfully he was never seen again.

These characters were some of the biggest jerks there were. But they were certainly more. We’ll cover some more of them in the future. Which one of these was your favorite, or more appropriately, your least favorite? Which ones did you most want to reach through the screen and choke? We’ll accept it if you say all of them. Let us know in the comments in our Facebook group or on our page. Please be sure to share this article. If you want to see someone who wasn’t acting like a huge jerk, check out our list of five moments where Blanche was totally selfless.