The Golden Girls is one the most inconsistent sitcoms in television history. For the most part, fans seem to be in two schools of thought on this. It either drives them crazy or they consider it to be part of the show’s charm. Personally, I fall within the latter. Some of the more famous continuity errors include the changing stories on how Dorothy and Stan came to be married, the way George Devereaux died, and the fact that neither of Dorothy’s two children were ever in their early forties even though she was married to Stan for 38 years.

The Golden Girls had different writers throughout the run of its seven seasons. That accounts for part of the reason there are so many errors. Because of this, there are bound to be inconsistencies that don’t get talked about as much as others. We’re going to take a look at five continuity errors from The Golden Girls that you may have missed.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

When Blanche’s sister Virginia comes to Miami to ask Blanche for one of her kidneys, she eventually takes Virginia to task on a number of issues involving their past. One of which is the fact that Virginia had Blanche wear a green dress as one of Virginia’s bridesmaids. Blanche told Virginia that she knew full well that green was her most awful color. But she would later go on to mention buying an outfit that was a stunning shade of green as well as wearing several green outfits throughout the run of the series.

Your Valedictorian, Rose Nylund!!!?

Rose mentions having been valedictorian at her high school after ranking fourth in her graduating class of nineteen. How so? By drawing straws. Duh!! In the Mr. Terrific episode, she even mentions that she took classes in psychology at a junior college. But in another episode, Rose mentions having coming down with a nasty case of mono and sleeping for six months straight, missing her high school graduation and the integration of Major League Baseball in the process. She later enrolls in an adult education course for people who never received their high school diplomas which is being taught by Dorothy. So we know that she never received an equivalency certificate either. Sneaky, sneaky, Rose!!

Start Spreading the News

When Blanche was engaged to Harry, she mentioned that they were going to New York for their honeymoon. She later would be upset that Dorothy had asked Rose to go New York with her instead of Blanche because she really wanted to go. But when they were trying to decide where to go on their vacation, Blanche was dead set against New York. She even wondered why in the world Frank Sinatra ever sang about it. Living just outside of the Big Potato myself, I give that notion a rousing Bronx cheer.

Stan’s Mother

We only heard of Stan’s mother twice in the series. Both times it was indicated that she couldn’t stand her son. She even said as much to Dorothy in a flashback scene. But that isn’t the inconsistent part. The error here is that Stan’s mother fawned over him to his face and only ridiculed him behind his back. He gave no indication of ever knowing how his mother really felt. It’s highly unlikely that she would have told him. And it’s just as unlikely that Dorothy ever would have later told him either. But in a session with Dr. Halperin, Stan indicates that he’d known since he was a child that his mother didn’t care for him and even went as far as to say that he knew full well that his mother, in fact, didn’t love him at all.

Dorothy’s Grandmother

In the Mother’s Day episode, we see a flashback to the days when Dorothy and Sophia lived in Brooklyn. Sophia wanted her mother to move in with them, which she was dead set against. It’s obvious here that Sophia’s mother was very much alive alive Dorothy was likely in her mid 20s at this point in time. But Dorothy tells a story in a different episode about how her maternal grandmother died when Dorothy was six. Did Sophia have two different mothers? Highly unlikely.

What did you think of our list? Are there any other continuity errors that you don’t often see talked about or that you think may be easy to miss? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your favorite moments and memories from the above scenes or any other examples involving the show’s multitude of inconsistencies. Be sure to try out our quiz on The Petrillos and their days in Brooklyn or our quiz where you determine whether the question pertains to Miles or Stan.