Just as The Golden Girls showed viewers that women of a certain age did not have to give up certain aspects of daily living such as being social butterflies or having healthy sex lives, it showed that men could have the same at any age as well… and some men having it more than others. While the girls dated a number of good and respectable men, they also dated their fair share of men who were complete and total players.

Whether it was dating multiple women at the same time or simply hitting on different women simultaneously, The Golden Girls featured more than a few men who liked to be in the company of women. In this article, we’re going to take a look at five men on The Golden Girls who each turned out to be quite the Casanova.


Sophia’s brother Angelo was introduced to us as a priest from Sicily. He would later admit that he actually never was a priest at all. He chose not to enter the seminary due to falling in love with a waitress who had a “behind so round, so firm that you got to fall down and cry out at its magnificent, regal beauty.” His words, not mine. But what makes Angelo such a player is that he put the moves on both Blanche and Rose in two different episodes. Blanche asked him to come over because “Sophia wasn’t there.” She was asking for his help to find her after she’d gone to Sicily for a visit; but he mistook her call for an invitation to shave his shoulders. Angelo also misunderstood Rose when she asked him to take her to his apartment which was dealing with a bug infestation, thinking that she was really saying that bugs turn her on. But in actuality, Rose, who was working for a local television network by this time, arranges to get his story on the nightly news (temporarily forgetting that Dorothy is a part owner of the apartment building). Angelo, what a playa!!


Blanche starts dating Gary. Everything seems to be going well. But he quickly shows himself to be a lech. He first comes on to Rose, but she sees him as nothing more than an “lewd, oversexed beast with five hands.” After failing to get anywhere with her, Gary turns his attention to her visiting sister Holly. Holly has been able to fool Dorothy and Blanche into thinking that she’s a wonderful person. Rose tries to tell them otherwise but were having none of it. Rose walks into the living room, seeing Gary and Holly passionately embracing each other. Blanche eventually sees for herself what a creep Gary was.


In the pilot, Blanche got engaged to Harry who seemed to be the perfect man in every way. After all, he doesn’t take his own pulse, talk loud at the movies, or make noises when he chews. We’re introduced to a sophisticated, gallant gentleman. But little did we know. Rose had a feeling something was up with Harry but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. It turns out she was right. Harry is late for the wedding and Blanche is getting nervous. A police officer shows up to the house. Blanche fears the worst, assuming he was killed. But it turns out he was arrested. Harry was a bigamist who has six other wives. Smooth, Harry. Not!!


A handsome and debonair actor named Patrick Vaughn comes to town to star in a play being put on by a local community theatre that the girls, along with Phyllis Hammerow, Miami’s answer to Meryl Streep, belong to. He quickly starts passionate affairs with Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose (along with several other women and possibly Ed), and keeps them all a secret from the rest of the women. He’s able to get away with it for a while, even after inventing one flimsy excuse after another as to why he keeps being seen in compromising situations with other women. On opening night, Phyllis lets it slip that she’s been seeing Patrick. This leads Blanche and Rose, and later Dorothy, to discover his affairs with all the women. He slept with the sheriff!!!


The king of all players, Fidel Santadomingo, I mean Santiago. This guy took macking it to a whole new level. At one point, he dated Blanche and Sophia at the same time. He would divide his time between them equally, or so we thought. Fidel ends up dying. Blanche and Sophia feel guilty, feeling that their running him ragged was too much for him. But at Fidel’s funeral, the startling revelation is discovered that he was actually dating over a dozen women at the same time!! Oh, but he was never with Dorothy. But as Rose said, at least Sophia’s and Blanche’s animal-like lust had nothing to with killing Fidel.

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