Blanche has never been a woman who typically puts the needs of others ahead of her own. There are so many instances where she’ll scheme, lie, and be downright selfish to feed her ego. Falsely advertising the sale of a car to meet men, nabbing Jake before Rose or Dorothy had barely a chance to say hello to him, forcing Dorothy to go on a date when she was severely ill, keeping a bed more expensive than the one she paid for, the list goes on and on.

But there were also times when Blanche has been kind, considerate, and put her own desires last to come through, usually at just the right time. Let’s take a look at five of those moments.


Blanche’s sister Virginia comes to town with the news that she’s dying of renal failure. She needs Blanche to give her one of her kidneys to stay alive. But they have never gotten along. In fact, they pretty much have hated each other their entire lives. Blanche is highly conflicted on what to do. But she eventually decides that she’s going to give Virginia one of her kidneys, and not just for Virginia’s sake or to avoid feeling guilt. She wants Virginia to live and wants them to begin a new and loving relationship. As it turns out, Blanche was unable to give Virginia one of her kidneys due to Blanche’s blood vessels being too small. But Virginia was able to get a kidney from a great match and will be fine. And the two are able to begin a new relationship as sisters and friends.

Blanche Gives Her Blessing

Blanche fixes her uncle Lucas up with Dorothy so that she can have a one-night stand. They eventually become wise to Blanche’s trick and decide to get revenge by making her think that the two are going to get married. Blanche is aghast, eventually lashing out at them when Rose announces that she’s going to move in with her daughter Kirsten. Dorothy and Lucas forge a plan to break off the “engagement” by staging a fight. But something happened in the meantime. They actually developed feelings for each other. Blanche overhears the part about them discussing how much the last few days have meant to them. In this, she realizes that she only wanted to break them up because she was afraid to be left alone. She apologizes, still unaware that the whole thing was a trick, and then gives her blessing to their union in a beautiful and heartfelt toast. This leads to Lucas proposing to Dorothy for real and the two eventually tying the knot. This may never have happened had Blanche not given her blessings.

Blanche Tells David About George

A man named David stops by the house looking for George under the guise that he’s an encyclopaedia salesman. He seems at a loss for words when he learns that George had passed away. Eventually, he returns and reveals that George was his father. Blanche angrily throws him out of the house and must now confront the idea that George cheated on her. David eventually returns and pleads with Blanche to tell him something, anything she can about his father. Despite being terribly hurt, she does tell David some things about the father he never knew. She realized that she was taking her anger about George out on David, who had nothing to do with what George had done initially.



Sophia and Rose help Lillian break out of Sunny Pastures, one of the worst nursing homes in the state of Florida. It becomes quickly apparent that Lillian is unable to care for herself. Sunny Pastures is unable to do anything. It’s not for lack of caring. The staff we see does legitimately seem to care about their patients. The problem is that state funding is so low, that they can just barely meet minimum standards. Still, Lillian need help and she needs it now. Rose is able to find a much better place for Lillian but it will cost another $150 per month. Blanche got a huge bonus at work and plans to use it to have her breasts enlarged. Having Lillian at the house makes her realize that her problems are trivial by comparison, and she decides not to have the surgery after all. Better yet, with the amount of her bonus, she says that she has more than enough to help cover Lillian’s costs at the new home for at least a couple of years.

Blanche Shares the House

Rose accidentally reveals to a city inspector that there are three people renting from Blanche. Blanche finds out that she can’t rent to more than two people without a permit and making major improvements to the house. If she can’t, she’ll have to lose a renter. Blanche is planning to install a hot tub, and even if she uses all the money she has set aside for that, she still won’t be able to afford the cost of making the improvements to the house. Dorothy suggests Blanche selling each of the other girls a piece of the house so that they won’t be renters anymore but co-owners, thereby solving the problem. Blanche says that she could never do that. It was the home where she spent much of her marriage with George. It’s also all she has for her future. She eventually changes her mind, realizing that the girls are her family now.

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