Sophia’s purse is one of the more recognizable things on The Golden Girls. Sophia is hardly ever without it, even when she’s dressed for bed. She keeps all the normal things one might find in a purse like hard candy or money. She never puts anything out of the ordinary in her bag.

Oh, that is, unless you count the following five items. These are all things that certainly do not belong in any purse. Let’s take a look at them.

Place Setting

The girls go on a murder mystery weekend at the Maltese Falcon Club. Dorothy is explaining how what she thought was a real murder was committed. When she gets to the part where Trudy drops a steak knife into her purse, Sophia mentions having taken an entire place setting from the table. We later find out that she put it in her purse. It’s too heavy for her to carry and she asks Dorothy to help bring it to the car.

Brussels Sprouts

Kirsten and Charley, Rose’s daughter and granddaughter, come for a visit. They’re having dinner one night and Blanche mentions that Charley didn’t eat her Brussels sprouts. She didn’t eat them because she doesn’t like them. Apparently Sophia doesn’t either. She offers Charley the chance to put her Brussels sprouts in her purse, where she’s already dumped hers.

Chipped Beef

Rose cooks chipped beef during a big storm, and nobody likes it. Rose points out that Dorothy has barely touched hers. Dorothy tries to reassure Rose by saying that she loves it. Rose implores her to have another bite. As Dorothy reluctantly prepares herself for the bite of what some call SOS (I’m not telling you what that stands for 😂😂), the power goes out for a few seconds. When the power comes back on, we see that all the chipped beef is gone. Dorothy makes like she ate it and enjoyed it. But then Sophia mentions that her purse was moved and wonders why it’s so heavy.


Sophia has become friendly with Mr. Matsumo, the gardener. They like each other and have been spending time together while the other girls have gone away on vacation. They share a meal together and Sophia asks what is on her plate. He tells her that it’s raw fish. Sophia has a panicked look on her face. She throws one of her chopsticks pretending that it slipped out of her hand. As Mr. Matsumo is getting it, she coyly puts the sushi in her purse and pretends like she ate it and couldn’t eat another bite.

Preparation H

Blanche has been dating a soldier and pharmacist named Bill. Sophia goes with Blanche to the drugstore and asks what’s on sale. Well the breast pumps and Afro Sheen don’t interest her, but the Preparation H catches her fancy. But she later gets detained for assaulting a man over the last tube. It breaks and she scoops up the remaining ointment in her purse.

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