Just as The Golden Girls provided us with thousands of funny moments, it provided us with controversial, tender, and downright sad ones as well. When The Golden Girls did cover the sad topics, it gave us moments that some of us could regrettably identify with. This was just another way that the show provided millions of people with opportunities to relate to them. In this case, it wasn’t as much through comedic moments as they were finely acted dramatic ones with a joke thrown in here and there to allow for the tension to break just a little without taking away from the seriousness of the message that was being conveyed.

Whether it was losing a parent or child and dealing with the grief that comes with those things, painful goodbyes, or anything else, The Golden Girls didn’t sugarcoat anything. While other shows covered controversial topics before, The Golden Girls held its own when it came to dealing with serious and/or tragic issues. We’ll look at five of these moments now.