Just as The Golden Girls provided us with thousands of funny moments, it also provided us with controversial, tender, and downright sad moments. When The Golden Girls did cover the sad topics, it gave us moments that some of us could regrettably identify with.

Whether it was losing a parent or child and dealing with the grief that comes with those, painful goodbyes, or anything else, The Golden Girls didn’t sugarcoat anything. We’ll look at five of these moments now.


Sophia befriends a man named Alvin on the boardwalk at the beach. They get along wonderfully at first. Sophia then talks about her husband and asks about Alvin’s late wife, Edna. He is unsure of what she is talking about at first, which we would later find out was due to his Alzheimer’s, and then starts bawling when it comes back to him.


Many people can’t bring themselves to even watch the final two episodes because of what they signify. It was the end of so many things, some good and some bad. Dorothy finally finds the right man in Lucas. Her dating woes are over and she is more confident than ever before. But it was also the end of the girls’ time together as four roommates and they share a tearful goodbye together.


Sophia’s friend Martha is devastated over the loss of her best friend, Lydia. Lydia suffered a great deal towards the end and it reminded Martha of all the things she has wrong with her. It’s not just her physical issues, it’s emotional as well; Martha is incredibly lonely. She tells Sophia that she wants to end her own life. Not only that, she wants Sophia to be there with her when she does it. Sophia reluctantly agrees but tries to talk her out of it. Martha realizes that she doesn’t know what to do, which prompts Sophia to realize that Martha really still wants to live. Thankfully, Martha decides not to go through with it. While this did have a happy ending, so many of us can identify with loneliness in our lives. So many of us feel that situations in our lives are so unbearable that the only option is suicide. Too many have been there. And that is what is so sad about this scene.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy passes away. Blanche refuses to believe it at first but finally comes to realize that he really is gone. She refuses to go to the funeral due to a fight with Virginia. But does visit his grave and is able to say goodbye to Big Daddy in a private moment at the cemetery. In an especially poignant moment, she mentions that she’s nobody’s little girl anymore.


I’m sure many of you will agree that this is the saddest moment of the show by far. Phil passes away; Sophia is devastated to lose her only son. We also find out that she has strongly disliked her daughter-in-law Angela. We first are led to believe that it all started because the dowry check that Angela’s father wrote bounced. But Rose is able to help Sophia get to the bottom of what has really been bothering her. She’s more upset that Angela didn’t stop “the dress thing,” Phil’s cross-dressing. We find out that Sophia really blamed herself for the fact that Phil was a cross dresser, wondering what she could have possibly have done or said to make him “the way he was”. In a devastating scene, Sophia tearfully admits that her baby is gone but does make up with Angela in the process.

These were indeed all very sad moments. It just goes to show how powerful, not to mention masterfully acted these scenes were. Let us know in our Facebook group or on our page which of these moments made you the most emotional. What are some other moments that were incredibly sad that you can think of? Please be sure to share this article. For a post that has much happier moments, check out our list of five heartwarming Stan Zbornak moments.