I love The Golden Girls just the way it is. I think a lot of you will agree with me on that. I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe having even more episodes than we got. With all the episodes we did get, a lot of storylines and scenarios would have changed the show as we know it. A wedding, someone moving out, or any other happening could have ended the show, or at least made it unrecognizable compared to the way The Golden Girls ended up being.

A lot of the above scenarios almost happened or did happen multiple times (for only an episode or two) so we’ll consolidate some of them into one entry otherwise this will be a top 30 list. Let’s take a look at some of the things that could have happened that would have changed the show as we know it.

The Psychiatrist

In season three, the girls consult a psychiatrist because they’ve been having issues getting along. They’ve been at each other’s throats and didn’t know where else to turn. We see flashback after flashback, previously unseen by the audience, showing us what they’ve been going through. They squabble all throughout the session. It gets to a point where Dr. Ashley feels that the four of them are just too incompatible to live together and suggests that they go their separate ways. This wouldn’t have just changed the show, it would have effectively ended the show. Thankfully, Sophia helps them realize that their problems are worth trying to work out and they all decide to stay together.


Coco only appeared in the pilot episode. He was the cook and houseboy. Charles Levin who played him wasn’t retained past the first episode as Sophia’s character was so well-received that the show’s producers felt that Coco wasn’t needed any longer. But had Coco stayed any length of time, there would indubitably have been storylines based around him. Perhaps he could have had a relationship with Clayton when he came into town. He could have been the center of the AIDS storyline instead of Rose as many assumed back then that being gay automatically led to HIV or AIDS. There are plenty of other story ideas that could have come to fruition; but we shall never know.

Moving Out

There were a number of instances where one of girls was going to or actually did move out. But it never lasted more than a two-part episode. Any time one of the girls ended up moving out, it was over the course of a single episode. There was the time Sophia almost moved to California to live with Gloria. There was the time Dorothy nearly moved out after a fight with Blanche. Had any of them actually moved out for a longer period of time, it would have changed the dynamic of the show dramatically. If you want proof of this, just think of The Golden Palace and how different things were with the absence of just one of the ladies.

Any Wedding

Every one of the girls either got married or became engaged on the show. In most cases, this would have amounted to one of the girls moving out to go live with her new husband. The show actually started with Blanche getting engaged to Harry. Dorothy almost remarried Stan. Sophia did get married but it only lasted for a couple of episodes. Any wedding would have changed the show completely. In Dorothy’s case, that actually did happen as the show ended with her marriage to Lucas. Dorothy moved out and moved to Atlanta to go live at Hollingsworth Manor.

If It Wasn’t a Dream

Blanche gets hundreds of roses from a “secret admirer.” She agrees to meet him. But she’s aghast when she finds out that it’s George. He reveals he never died but that he actually faked his death. Blanche is devastated, confused, and angry. George tells her that he wants to come back into her life and asks if she’ll be his wife again. She initially hesitates, even going so far as to say that George was better of dead. But while talking with him, she realizes that she still loves him and that she’s never loved anyone else the way she does him. They embrace, but then we find out that the whole episode was a recurring dream of Blanche’s. But had it not been a dream, we would have seen Blanche with her one true love and she would have put an end to her man-crazy ways, one of the many characteristics that made Blanche the character she was and the character most of us love.

What other scenarios can you think of that would have changed the show as we know it? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your thoughts on the above plotlines or any other ideas that come into your mind. Check out our post on heartwarming Stan Zbornak moments if you haven’t yet. Or perhaps you’d like try our quizzes on Blanche or Sophia.