Blanche Devereaux was certainly a social butterfly. She was always outgoing and friendly, perhaps a bit too friendly at times. She rarely ever got mad or felt the need to take charge. But if you crossed her just the right way, Blanche would let you have it.

These moments were relatively rare, just like our five moments where Rose was a total boss. So when they did happen, they were certainly memorable. Let’s take a look at five of those moments.

Blanche Lays Down the Law

Blanche’s grandson David has been staying at the house. He’s rebellious, actually downright disrespectful at times. Blanche has a talk with him and we find out what the main reason for this is. His parents spend practically all their time fighting and barely acknowledge David. He announces that he wants to move in with the girls. Blanche calls her daughter Janet and tells her that she wants to raise David herself. Needless to say, Janet is resistant to the idea and lets her mother know it. Blanche lays down the law. She tells Janet that she and her husband had better straighten up and give David the attention he deserves or there would be hell to pay.

“Iron” Blanche Tyson

Blanche takes part in a protest at a dock in an attempt to stop the treatment of dolphins by tuna fishermen. The dolphins sometimes get caught in the net and can’t get out. Thousands of dolphins die this way every year. The fishermen confront the protestors and tell them to get off the dock. One of them grabs Rose and Blanche lands a punch on him that would have made Don King see dollar signs.


Blanche’s sister Charmaine writes a novel and comes to Miami to promote it and to see Blanche. They haven’t always been the best of friends, but they get along very well during this visit. But Blanche finds herself horrified when she thinks that Charmaine’s novel is about Blanche’s love life. She angrily confronts Charmaine at a book signing and tells her off beautifully. As it turns out, the novel isn’t about Blanche at all, but about Charmaine’s own experiences. Blanche apologizes and the two become friendly again.


Dorothy starts seeing Elliot, a very handsome doctor. Blanche finds herself attracted to him at first but agrees to back off as Dorothy was interested in him before she was. Elliot comes by to pick Dorothy up for a date but starts strongly coming on to Blanche while Dorothy is getting ready. This upsets and angers her a great deal. She tells Elliot in no uncertain terms that he’s gone too far and that she has zero interest in a man with a character like Elliot’s.

Professor Sleazeball

Blanche is struggling in a psychology course she needs to pass to get her college degree. She asks Professor Cooper for help and he pretty much tells her that if she sleeps with him, she’ll get an A. She declines his offer but thanks him anyway. In his own perverse way, he did end up helping Blanche. She tells him that every time she felt like giving up, she’d think about what kind of man Professor Cooper is. And she would get so mad that she decided to study until she knew she’d ace the test. She did and is able to get her degree.

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