Oh Rose, sweet and lovable Rose. Rose was easily the best-natured of the four girls. She could even be a pushover at times. But there were other times when Rose could only be pushed too far before pushing back. Oh, but when she did, you best believe that you had better watch out!!

These were few and far between. So when Rose was a boss, it was a memorable moment. We’re going to look at five of Rose’s boss moments. After you check out these moments, be sure to take our quiz on Rose.


Daisy seemed to be such a sweet girl. Helping Blanche with gathering items in the house for a rummage sale, Daisy falls in love with Rose’s teddy bear, Fernando. Blanche gives Fernando to Daisy not realizing that Rose never intended to sell it. When Blanche tries to get Fernando back, Daisy becomes the spawn of Satan. She refuses, holding the bear for ransom and even sending Blanche one of his ears. Daisy will only give Fernando back if Blanche gets her a new bicycle. Check out the video above to see how Rose handles it.

Creeper Dentist

Dr. Norgan was Rose’s dentist. Rose suspected that he had fondled her while she was groggy under anesthesia. He’s able to convince her that he had done nothing to her. She bought his story until he showed himself to be exactly what Rose thought he was. Rose vows to report him to the state dental board and even makes him dance for good measure.


The leap year’s full moon has turned everyone upside down. The men are all over Dorothy and Sophia and mostly ignore Blanche. Miles and Rose take the prize… I mean get engaged. But Miles and Dorothy forget themselves and share a passionate kiss. Wracked with guilt, Dorothy wants to tell Rose and starts to feel her out to find out how she might react. This leads to a hilarious misunderstanding. The video above shows how Rose would feel about another woman “baking” with Miles.

Rose Is in Charge

Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are on the vacation from hell. The room has no air conditioning, is swarming with insects, and had the worst vibrating bed ever made. The upcoming revolution was looking better every minute. Worst of all, they had to share a bathroom with the guys in the room across the way. The six get off the wrong foot immediately. The guys later try and make it up to the girls by taking them sailing. But they get stranded on an island and start fighting again. Rose has had enough and takes over. Even Dorothy knew Rose meant business and listened to her.

Drop Dead

The girls take part in a campaign to help save a 200-year-old oak tree. There’s just one problem. The tree is on Mrs. Claxton’s property and she wants it cut down. Mrs. Claxton is the meanest woman in the neighborhood. At the committee meeting to decide the fate of the tree, Rose tries once more to make Mrs. Claxton see reason. When Mrs. Claxton pushes Rose to her limit, Rose tells her exactly what she can do…. and then Mrs. Claxton, well, does it.

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