Let’s face it. Sophia was just plain adorable… most of the time. While there were moments she could be a horrible little person, you just couldn’t stay mad at her for too long.

There have been times when the cuteness level by Sophia was off the charts. Let’s have a look at five times Sophia was too adorable for her own good.

 Sophia Smiles

Rebecca comes to the house with little Oreo… I mean Aurora. She tells Dorothy how the baby has been smiling all morning. Becky knows it’s sometimes gas but it’s just so cute. Sophia gets Dorothy’s attention and starts to smile herself. But Dorothy tells her it’s not cute once you hit eighty. The gas might not be. But that smile sure was, especially when she crinkles her nose in the middle of it!!

Too Wittle, Too Wate

Sophia has been recovering from an injury to her ankles. It eventually becomes apparent that she’s been fully healed for quite some time and has been milking it to get some extra attention. Dorothy was never able to quite catch her at first. But she eventually walks in on Sophia singing and dancing and gets the proof she needs. Dorothy is furious. Sophia’s attempt at baby talk, however adorable, doesn’t do anything to quell Dorothy’s fury.

The Growl

Sophia tells a story about how Dorothy was the mascot for her high school football team. Dorothy played a bear with a distinct growl. Sophia asks her to do the growl again for old time’s sake. She doesn’t, but her naturally deep voice sounds enough like a growl to Sophia. This causes Sophia to break out into laughter.

What Does Joe Have to Say?

Dorothy is speaking at career day at the school she works at. One of her students asks her what “Joe Mama” has to say about all this. After Dorothy speaks to another group of students, Sophia decides to ask her the same question before she and the students listening walk away laughing.

Practical Jokes

Sophia has taken to playing practical jokes on people… well, Dorothy mostly. Dorothy falls for most of them including a whoopee cushion and a dribble glass. Every time Dorothy falls for another joke, Sophia breaks out into a fit of laughter.

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