On this Mother’s Day of 2020, it’s only appropriate that we think about some of the most touching moments involving mothers on The Golden Girls. All four of the girls are mothers, and all four have different relationships with their children and different ways of parenting. We got to see a fair amount of moments involving mothers with their children. They may not always get along all of the time, but they all love each other very much.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five incredibly heartwarming moments involving mothers. These moments will put a smile to your face, especially the moment from one Mother’s Day where Rose spent it with someone else’s mother.

Blanche and Janet

The girls take care of baby Emily who they originally believe was abandoned at the house. Blanche considers adopting Emily, not wanting her to be put in foster care at such a young age. She also wanted a second chance to be a good mother to someone. By her own admission, she realizes that she wasn’t that great of a mother to her children. She seems to have an exceptionally difficult relationship with Janet. As it turns out, it ended up being a miscommunication and Emily’s father comes to pick her up. Blanche calls Janet and wants to get together. Janet is reluctant at first, feeling they have nothing to talk about. But she eventually agrees. And we witness the beginning of what turns out to be a much better relationship between the two.

The Letter

Dorothy writes a letter to her father. She wanted to settle things in writing to get out every emotion and hurt because she obviously can’t tell him in person. Once she finishes the letter, she realizes that her father was actually a very good one. And she regrets never really telling him that she loves him and wants to make sure she tells her mom. She thanks Sophia for giving her life and making it a great one.

The Bus Station

On a trip back home, Rose meets a woman named Anna. Anna speaks of going to see her daughter on Mother’s Day. She later reveals that her daughter passed away a while back and she goes to the cemetery on Mother’s Day. The day was always so special between the two of them, and Anna likes to pretend it still is. But she escaped from her nursing home and the sheriff catches up with her. Rose saves the day with her quick thinking and tells the sheriff that Anna is her mother. And thanks to Rose, Anna will be able to visit her daughter after all.

Rose and Alma

Rose’s mother comes for a visit. But Rose’s overprotective ways infuriate Alma, eventually to the point that she makes plans to leave early. Rose apologizes and explains to her mom that she only fusses over her so much because she’s getting older and is worried that she’ll lose her. Alma understands but makes Rose see that stopping her from living life now doesn’t guarantee that she’ll be around forever. The two make up and Alma stays for the rest of her trip.

Sophia Appreciates Dorothy

In the same episode, seeing the initial tension between Rose and Alma gets Sophia to thinking how much she appreciates the fact that Dorothy treats her not like an old lady but as a human being. She tells Dorothy that she’s a good daughter. Dorothy is overwhelmed practically to the point of tears. And the two share a tender moment, one of many between the two throughout the series.

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