Let’s face it. Sophia was right. Stan was a yutz. He cheated on Dorothy throughout their marriage, was often quite immature, and had his lawyer call Dorothy to tell her he was leaving her because he was too much of a coward to tell her to her face. As Dorothy said, he’s pretty much one chromosome away from a potato. But I’m sure being the inventor of the Zbornee, he’d actually be okay with that.

But every so often, we saw a different side of Stan. He never stopped loving Dorothy. In fact, they even got back together a few times. And there were times he did step up and showed that he could be a wonderful guy when he wanted to be. Here we will look at five touching Stan moments.

Fire Engines

The girls spend their Christmas serving food to the underprivileged members of the community. Stan shows up dressed as Santa and confides to Dorothy that he has lost all of his money in a failed business venture. He put all of his money into fire engines with Santas driving them and they ended up not arriving from his supplier until Christmas Eve. On top of that, his wife Catherine also throws him out accusing him of infidelity. Dorothy helps Stan realize that he even with this he’s much more fortunate than anybody who is at the church to get a meal. Stan eventually decides to help make the kids have a great Christmas by giving them the fire engines.

Stan’s Blessing

Dorothy thinks that Stan is kidnapping Dorothy to prevent her from getting to her wedding. It turns out he just wanted to give her the gift of taking her to church in style and to offer his blessing. Those few moments with her was also his finally letting Dorothy go. He just wanted a few minutes alone with her to show that he cared.

Selling the Car

Stan gets in trouble with the IRS and Dorothy is dragged into it because his issue go as far back to the time they were still married. Dorothy is expected to come up with $2500 to pay off her share of the tax bill and is unable to do so unless she can sell the ring Stan gave her for her 38th wedding anniversary. Stan gets wind of this and sells his Corvette so that he can pay off the tax bill for Dorothy and she can get her ring back.

Stan Loves Sophia

Sophia is hospitalized and Stan finds out and goes and comforts Dorothy. After being dismissed by a very rude doctor, he demands to be kept informed of Sophia’s condition. This touches Dorothy to the point where she thinks she has fallen in love with him again and can’t let him go through with his marriage to Catherine. It’s a touching moment because we see how much Stan really does care for Sophia.

Sophia Loves Stan

Stan has been going to therapy for what he initially describes is to try and get over Dorothy. But he convinces reveals to Dr. Halperin that he actually wants Dorothy back. But inadvertently reveals that it’s really Sophia’s love he is longing for. Stan’s mother died before the two of them could resolve their issues and now looks at Sophia as a new mother figure in his life. Eventually, Sophia comes to realize that despite everything, she loves Stan too.

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