Miles Webber was Rose’s long-term boyfriend throughout the latter half of the series. A college professor, he made for a great balance for Rose’s perpetual naivete.

Miles was mild-mannered and a little lot on the cheap side. But he certainly did love Rose, even if he did go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings just to get free refreshments. Oh sorry, I mean Theatre of the Living. Miles, who bears a spooky resemblance to Arnie Peterson 😉 appeared in 14 episodes of The Golden Girls. How well do you know Miles? Take our quiz below and find out.

Miles Webber

How did you do? Did you show yourself to have as much knowledge as Miles does on Robert Frost? Or did you score lower than Rose felt when Miles unveiled her naughty picture in front of his coworkers? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite Miles moments and memories. Please be sure to share this quiz. Make sure you take our quiz on Stan if you haven’t yet.