Blanche is having trouble in her course and asks her professor for help. He says he can help her pass his course if she sleeps with him. Blanche is unsure of what to do at first but eventually decides that she must take action. She goes to see the dean but he’s of little help. Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia have plans to see Frank Sinatra in concert. Dorothy has missed him before, but she’s determined not to miss him again. First they can’t get any tickets. Then they have too many. Dorothy tries to sell a few and ends up trying to scalp them to an undercover police officer. The three get arrested and Dorothy resigns herself to the fact that she’s destined never to see Sinatra in concert.

Blanche takes her midterm and then in no uncertain terms tells her professor that she’s declining his offer. He made her so mad that she decided to study as hard as she could and is confident that she’ll pass her course after all. Her self respect is worth more to her than passing his course.

Season 1, Episode 20: Adult Education

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