Blanche’s father comes to town. Blanche is overjoyed at this news, that is, until he arrives. Big Daddy announces he’s now trying to become a country singer. Blanche can’t understand why her father would be so impetuous and foolish. He sings for Blanche and isn’t very good. Blanche tries to talk him out of doing this, but they get into a big fight and he storms out of the house.

Blanche speaks with Big Daddy at the club and tries once again to get an explanation as to why Big Daddy is doing what he’s doing. He tells Blanche he knows he’s not any good at the moment but it’s what he always wanted to do. He always wanted to have to try new things and have big adventure in his life. But he met Blanche’s mom and decided not to go off “chasing rainbows” and that they’d do it together some day. But she passed before they had the chance and he’s doing it for the both of them now. Blanche understands, and the two make up.

Season 1, Episode 24: Big Daddy

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