Rose has been in a dating slump and is feeling very down. Blanche and Dorothy convince her to put an ad in the personals column. At first, Rose says she could never go out with a man she met that way but decides to put the ad in anyway just to see what kind of response she gets. A couple of weeks goes by and she hasn’t heard from anybody. She finally gets a letter from a man named Isaac Newton because, of course. She is touched and decides to write back. There’s just one problem. He doesn’t actually exist. He was made up by Dorothy and Blanche. Finally, Rose decides to meet him. She finds an Isaac Q. Newton in the phone book and asks him to go to a banquet. She doesn’t let him get a word in and says she won’t take no for an answer.

Dorothy and Blanche panic. They had planned to have “Isaac” transferred to Canada for work, but now must deal with the idea that their story will be found out. Issac Q. Newton shows up and Rose seems to like him at first. But he of course has very little in common with the Isaac that Dorothy and Blanche made up. They eventually tell Rose the truth and she is devastated. But they make her see that they meant everything they said in the letters when talking about how they feel about Rose as a friend. Rose forgives them, knowing that they only did what they did out of friendship.

Season 2, Episode 10: Love, Rose

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