Stan has to have heart surgery. Understandably, he’s incredibly nervous and even thinks he won’t make it out alive. He confesses his affairs to Dorothy, who until then thought he had only cheated once. After her initial shock and outrage, she forgives him. The surgery ends up going well and he spends his recovery at the house. But he very quickly starts driving everyone crazy and is blatantly taking advantage of Dorothy’s kindness.

He fakes a relapse on the day he’s supposed to go home. But Dorothy ends up discovering his lie. He tries to cover by saying that the real reason he wanted to stay longer was that he wanted to be around the people he loves most. Dorothy sees right through this but does believe that he’s afraid to be alone. Dorothy tells him that it’s time to grow up and “leave the nest.”

Season 2, Episode 13: The Stan Who Came to Dinner

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