The handsome and debonair actor Patrick Vaughn is going to be appearing in a play at the local community theatre. The girls are incredibly excited. Not only do they think he’s a terrific actor, but they’re all infatuated with him. Patrick arrives and seems to be the perfect gentleman. But it doesn’t take long to find out that he’s a wolf. He begins dating Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. They all want to tell everyone about their new romances but Patrick tells each one of them that it will have to be a secret for now.

Opening night arrives and Blanche and Rose find out that Patrick has also been seeing Phyllis Hammerow. Well actually, he’s been seeing EVERYBODY. Patrick is called out on this right in the middle of the show and is told off by everyone. Patrick tries to rationalize and say that since everyone had a good time it was no big deal. But the group is having none of it and tells Patrick to get lost.

Season 2, Episode 14: The Actor

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