Sophia is taking part in a walkathon; the other girls have agreed to babysit children of the other participants. Everything goes smoothly, except for having to look after one kid who was probably the inspiration for Junior in Problem Child. After all the children have been picked up, only one child remains, baby Emily. The girls are unsure of what to do at first. Emily is especially taken with Blanche and the feeling is mutual.

As the girls confront the possibility that Emily may have been abandoned, Blanche starts to think back about how she wasn’t always there for her children while they were growing up. She confesses that she sometimes feels guilt over that. And she intends to make sure Emily will have a loving home if she was actually abandoned. As it turns out, it was a misunderstanding. Emily’s father comes the next day to pick her up. Blanche calls one of her daughters and the two begin the process of repairing their relationship.

Season 2, Episode 16: And Then There Was One

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