Sophia’s sister Angela comes for a surprise visit. At first, Sophia is elated to see her. She and Dorothy eventually convince Angela to move from Sicily to Miami. Dorothy invites her to stay at the house. But Sophia is not happy about this. She thinks that Angela always wants whatever Sophia has. Meanwhile, Rose is looking after a “showbiz” chicken named Count Bessie. A hilarious mix up occurs when Angela serves fried chicken for dinner at the same exact time Count Bessie goes missing. Angela said she got the kitchen from the garage which is where Count Bessie was staying. Uh oh. It turns out Bessie got loose by mistake and thankfully will not be honored with a roast at the Friars Club.

It isn’t long before Angela drives Sophia crazy. They’ve been at each other’s throats for three weeks. Angela finally finds an apartment but it’s with Sophia’s new boyfriend Tony. Sophia is enraged, thinking Angela planned it this way so she can steal her boyfriend. And the two start fighting all over again. Sophia later goes to the apartment to confront Angela. Tony wasn’t cheating on Sophia with Angela, but with another woman. And the two deal with Tony accordingly. The two make up but realize that they’ll be at each other’s throats before too long. It’s not because they don’t love one another. It’s just the nature of their relationship.

Season 2, Episode 19: Long Day's Journey Into Marinara

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