Kate is coming for a visit and to share some news. Dorothy, Sophia, and Stan think that the news is going to be that Kate is pregnant. But the elation is short-lived when Kate announces that Dennis had an affair and that she’s left him. Needless to say, Kate is devastated and in shock. They didn’t have any marital problems. Dennis comes to the house to talk with Kate. Dorothy is furious with him and asks him to leave. But Kate agrees to hear what he has to say.

They decide to make up. Dorothy can’t believe it and confronts Kate. They get into a huge argument and she and Dennis plan to leave in the morning. Dorothy comes to Sophia for advice, and she tells Dorothy to stay out of it or she’ll lose her daughter. She begrudgingly accepts that they’re back together. But Dorothy has to speak her peace to Dennis. She tells him how much it hurts to see her child in pain. Dennis realizes the mistake he made and promises never to do anything like this again. Dorothy and Kate make up and everyone is on good terms again.

Season 2, Episode 23: Son-in-Law Dearest

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