The girls are planning a surprise party for Sophia’s friend Roberta. They begin reminiscing about past birthday celebrations. First, we see a flashback of a surprise party Rose arranged for Dorothy at Mr. Ha Ha’s Hot Dog Hacienda. It’s obviously a place for kids, but Rose thought Dorothy would like it. Spoiler alert, she didn’t. We also see Rose’s first birthday after Charlie died. She wanted to tell Charlie that she was selling the house and moving to Florida. Then, we go to Brooklyn where we see Sophia’s 50th birthday. Finally, we see a look back to around the time when the girls’ first started living together. Rose and Dorothy plan a surprise party for her. She ends up revealing that she hates surprise parties, and birthdays altogether, because they’re reminders of being another year older.

The beans are accidentally spilled about the surprise party. But the guests are some of Blanche’s boyfriends. and her spirits are picked up. She mentions that since that day, she’s grown to love surprise parties. We end up finding out that the surprise party isn’t for Roberta at all, but for Blanche. Blanche’s birthday isn’t until next week. The rest of the girls planned the surprise early because they knew this would be the only way she’d be surprised. It worked, and the same boyfriends are guests at the party and everyone starts a spirited conga line.

Season 2, Episode 25: A Piece of Cake

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