George and Renee are the girls’ neighbors. Renee is worried about her marriage. Now that her kids have moved out, she’s incredibly lonely. George is a great doctor and well-respected by his peers, but his work keeps him so busy that he’s hardly ever home. Even while Renee is trying to express her concerns to George, he keeps being interrupted by phone calls.

Their daughter comes home from school unexpectedly. Her boyfriend dumped her and she’s too embarrassed to go back in case she runs into him and his new girlfriend. George and Renee talk it out with her and Renee agrees to go to New York with her to help her settle back in. Renee is going to help Jenny but also to be with someone who needs her. George is lonely. He finally sees what Renee was talking about. He goes to New York and comes up with the perfect solution to help him and Renee spend more time together. And the two go on to have a wonderful three days together in New York.

Season 2, Episode 26: Empty Nests

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