Stan comes over to the house devastated. He lost his business and is at his wits end. He pleads with Dorothy to go out with him but she already has plans. She’s been seeing a dashing military officer and they’re going out that night. She convinces Blanche to go out with him, after some creative bribery. They end up actually having a decent time and they go out again. Dorothy seems okay with it, but gets upset at the idea after Blanche implies they slept together.

It’s not that Dorothy wants Stan for herself, it’s that she wants her memories with him to be just hers and not shared with anyone so close to her. It turned out that the two were never an item. Blanche told Stan there wasn’t anything between them. Dorothy learns this for sure when she went to confront who she thought was Blanche in bed with Stan but actually turned out to be another woman. Dorothy apologizes for doubting her and the two make up.

Season 2, Episode 3: Take Him, He's Mine

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