Mrs. Claxton, the meanest and most miserable person in the neighborhood, wants a 200-year-old oak tree cut down off her property. The girls and many other in the neighborhood form a petition to help save it. Mrs. Claxton eventually agrees to save it, but it’s revealed that she lied when she said it. At the committee meeting, Rose tries in vain to make Mrs. Claxton see reason. But she pushes Rose too far. Rose tells her off beautifully and tells her if she doesn’t like what she has to say that she can drop dead. And then Mrs. Claxton… umm, well, she drops dead. Rose is wracked with guilt and blames herself.

Even though Mrs. Claxton was a rotten human being who literally said she hated people, Sophia felt bad that she had nobody in her life. The girls agree to pay for her funeral. But nobody shows up except for one woman who wasn’t even at the right funeral, and this devastates Rose. But Rose later comes up with an ingenious way to save the tree. She spread Mrs. Claxton’s ashes around the tree. She alerts the city that they would literally be disturbing someone’s final resting place. And it looks like the city won’t cut it down after all. Not only did Rose help save the tree, but she proves that all lives have some kind of purpose.

Season 2, Episode 4: It's a Miserable Life

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