Daisy has been helping Blanche out with gathering items for a rummage sale. She falls in love with Fernando, Rose’s teddy bear. Blanche gives him to Daisy thinking that it was to be sold at the sale. There’s just one problem. Rose never intended to get rid of Fernando. Blanche tries to get him back, but Daisy refuses and even holds Fernando for ransom. She first demands an expensive item but then decides she wants cash. Blanche is ready to pay up, but Rose gets the last laugh and takes Fernando back.

Sophia befriends Alvin whom she meets on the boardwalk at the beach. They get along fabulously at first, but it becomes quickly apparent that something isn’t right with Alvin. He first forgets who Sophia is talking about when she brings up his late wife, and then starts sobbing when it comes back to him. He later explodes at Sophia when she sits in his seat and then doesn’t remember the argument the next day. It turns out that Alvin has Alzheimer’s disease. His daughter has been following him around to keep an eye on him. But she’s not going to be able to afford being out of work much longer. Alvin moves away to live with his nephew who’s a doctor and can give him special care. Sophia realizes that Alvin isn’t coming back and decides to cherish the time she did have with him.

Season 3, Episode 1: Old Friends

How did you do? Did you score lower than Rose felt when she thought she’d never see Fernando again? Or did you do better than she did at thinking quickly to get Fernando back? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite moments and memories from this episode. Please be sure to share this quiz. Try out our quiz on the next episode, season 3, episode 2: One For the Money.