A man named Buddy Rourke stops by the house and says he served in World War II with Charlie. Rose is delighted to meet someone who knew Charlie. They go to lunch and Rose tells Buddy all kinds of stories about her life with Charlie. Buddy eventually tells Rose that he’s in love with her and they share a kiss. Buddy wants Rose to move in with him up north where Buddy lives. Rose is strongly considering it. Rose mentions that Buddy says they’ll need a bigger place and that she should give him her half of the money before she gets there so that it will be their place together.

This doesn’t sit right with Dorothy so she investigates Buddy. She finds out that Buddy had just retired from the records department of the Army pension office. He never served with Charlie at all. He just looked up his file and is trying to scam Rose out of money. Rose eventually decides she can’t go with Buddy. She loves the memories he brought back of Charlie but she doesn’t love him. Rose tries to give him a special item of Charlie’s. Buddy sees the happy look on Rose’s face and decides he can’t accept it. He goes and Rose is left with her happy memories of the true love of her life.

Season 3, Episode 12: Charlie's Buddy

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