Blanche is ecstatic when her daughter Rebecca writes that she’s coming to see her. They haven’t spoken in years since a terrible fight they had. Rebecca arrives and she’s put on some weight since last seeing her mom. Rebecca later brings over her new boyfriend Jeremy. He’s a huge jerk practically from the moment we see him. He takes constant shots at Rebecca’s weight. Blanche is hesitant to say anything even though she’s dying to. She doesn’t want to risk another argument and having Becky leave again. Jeremy proposes to Rebecca and she accepts, which leaves Blanche in tears and causes her to run out of the room. Meanwhile, Sophia and her friends have been having trouble at work. Their boss, Mr. McCracken is a jerk in his own right. The ladies decide to go on strike.

When Rebecca is getting ready to leave for the airport, Jeremy comes to the door and is his usual charming self. Finally, Blanche can stand him no more. She talks with Rebecca in the kitchen and asks her why she wants to marry a man like Jeremy. Becky says she wants to be married and Jeremy may be her only chance. Blanche tries to tell her that Jeremy isn’t good enough for her. Becky says that what she really means is that he’s not good enough for Blanche and neither is she. She storms out and Blanche is once again devastated. But Rebecca comes back and tells her mom that she realizes she was right. She can do better than that piece of garbage and she breaks up with him.

Season 3, Episode 14: Blanche's Little Girl

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