Dorothy has been feeling down lately. She doesn’t seem to have any fun in her life anymore. She decides to go to a lecture being given by Barbara Thorndyke, a novelist whose stories are all set in Florida. They go for coffee afterwards and end up talking for hours. She comes by the house the next day and things go badly practically from the moment she arrives. She looks down on Rose and Blanche and considers them “limited.” She comes to the house for dinner on another night and things go just as badly. She constantly patronizes Rose and Blanche, calls Blanche by the wrong name on purpose, and is generally unpleasant.

Barbara and Dorothy are getting closer and it’s driving a wedge between Dorothy and the other two ladies. Barbara invites everyone to go to The Mortimer Club, Miami’s most exclusive restaurant. Sophia brings her new friend Murray Guttman. Barbara says he can’t go to the club because they don’t allow Jewish members. Dorothy can’t believe what she’s hearing and finally realizes that Barbara is not the kind of person she wants as a friend. She apologizes to Rose and Blanche for her behavior and they all make up.

Season 3, Episode 15: Dorothy's New Friend

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