The girls are picked to be on Grab That Dough. They’re excited but they have to hurry. The ticket arrive late, not until the day before the show. They catch a flight to Los Angeles. And just about anything that could do wrong does. The airline loses their luggage, their reservations are cancelled, and all four girls eventually have their purses stolen. Thankfully, they still have the tickets to the show and they walk a few 39 blocks to the studio.

They finally make it. Blanche decides that she and Dorothy should team up with a pair of brothers who have won money and prizes on various game shows. Dorothy goes along with it. Sophia and Rose are furious. They vow to slaughter Dorothy and Blanche. The game starts and the team Sophia and Rose are on get all the questions right. But Dorothy’s team wins the chance to “grab that dough.” She gets a good amount of money but Blanche decides to trade it in for one of the window prizes. And as Dorothy said, it stinks. The girls make up on the plane and the miserable trip is finally over.

Season 3, Episode 16: Grab That Dough

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