Sophia’s brother, a priest named Angelo, comes to Miami to see Dorothy and Stan on their 40th wedding anniversary. Sophia says it will break his heart if he finds out they’re divorced. They all go along with it but it’s driving Dorothy insane. She detests Stan and the idea of pretending as if nothing happened makes her crazy. A big hurricane heads to Miami and they end up being trapped together for several days. To add to the issues, Blanche and Rose are appearing in “The Sound of Music.” They’re told to go straight home during dress rehearsal and come in the house wearing their nun costumes. They’re able to add to the ruse, even with Blanche accidentally slipping up a few times.

On their anniversary, Rose offhandedly suggests that Stan and Dorothy renew their vows. Stan thinks it’s a great idea. He’s missed Dorothy and wants to go through with the ceremony. He mentions all the things that have happened seemed to be divine intervention. He said if God didn’t want them to be together, He wouldn’t have sent a priest. Just one problem, Angelo comes clean with the fact that he was never actually a priest. He was on the way to join but stopped off at a trattoria and fell madly in love with the waitress. He asked her to marry him and they’ve been together ever since; everyone else tells the truth. The storm starts letting up. Dorothy asks Stan about what he was saying. He covers by saying he didn’t mean it. But he does refuse the money Sophia promised to give him for going along with the gag. After he leaves, Dorothy is left to ponder her seemingly renewed feelings for Stan.

Season 3, Episode 17: My Brother, My Father

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