Sophia announces she’s moving out. Phil’s wife left him and he needs Sophia to help raise the kids now. The rest of the girls are shocked. They’ve lived together for quite a while and can’t believe Sophia would just up and leave that way. They begin reminiscing about some of their times together. We see a look at the moment we first meet Sophia in the pilot episode. Then we see two moments when the girls have shared beds. We see the hilarious scene involving Blanche and finding out what the difference between a Lebanese and a lesbian is and the time the girls all slept together during a cold snap.

Finally we see a few more flashbacks. We look back at Dirk asking Blanche out, Father Frank coming to the house, and Blanche’s hilarious faux pas with Jonathan. The girls all tell Sophia how much they need her. Blanche asks if there’s anything else they can do to convince Sophia to stay. Sophia says no, her mind is made up and she’s leaving in the morning.

Season 3, Episode 18: Golden Moments (Part One)

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