The girls continue reminiscing when thinking about Sophia moving out. They discuss how they always are able to solve problems, console each other, and of course, talk about sex all over a cheesecake. We first see the flashback to when the girls discuss their first times. Then we see the time Blanche is talking about her struggles with menopause. We also see the time when they first moved in together and decided to give things another try. Sophia walks into the kitchen and is frustrated because Phil wants to know what she’s making for dinner when she gets there. Dorothy wonders how they’ll get along since they’re already arguing before she’s even gotten to Phil’s. Sophia says that the girls have had their share of issues too. Some examples shown include when the flu hit and everyone was fighting as well as Rose and Dorothy struggling to write their song about Miami.

Blanche tries to make Sophia realize that they may argue sometimes but it’s always exciting around the house. Like when Stable Mabel shot Blanche’s vase when she thought the house was being robbed again. Then we see Rose finding out that Al died in her bed. We’re also shown Blanche’s hilarious incident involving her and Patrick Vaughn at an audition. We see even more flashbacks like when Sophia competed in the walkathon, Sophia explaining the origins of pesto sauce, and what led to her fight with a certain friend of hers back in Sicily. After all this, Sophia decides she won’t be moving after all. Phil’s wife returns and he won’t be needing Sophia’s help after all. The rest of girls are thrilled and say it wouldn’t be the same without her. Sophia says that she loves living with the rest of the girls and that things are great at the house.

Season 3, Episode 19: Golden Moments (Part Two)

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