Sophia has been depressed since her friend Bernice moved back to her home state. She has practically no friends anymore and believes it’s difficult to make new friends. Dorothy has been seeing a man named Raymond. She invites Sophia along to play golf with them. Before they know it, Sophia starts accompanying them on all their dates. Raymond is more than patient at first but understandably starts to get very frustrated at having her tag along so often. Dorothy has been wanting to tell Sophia that there are times they would like to be alone, but she can’t find the words to do so. Meanwhile, Blanche is running to be the chairwoman of a fashion show. Rose says that she has put so much work in to help Blanche that she might as well run for it herself. After Blanche insults her taste, she decides to do just that.

In a last ditch effort to be alone, Raymond suggests to Dorothy that they go away. But Sophia walks into the room just as he says it and thinks that she’s invited as well. Dorothy knows that she finally has to tell Sophia the truth. But Sophia ends up overhearing Dorothy talking about breaking the news to her. Sophia befriends a group of people from the senior center and they all decide to go away together. Dorothy doesn’t believe her at first and tells Raymond that she can’t go away with him while her mother still needs her so. Raymond decides that they should perhaps take a break in their relationship until Sophia doesn’t need so much of Dorothy’s time. As it turns out, Sophia actually is going away. She thanks Dorothy for having been there for her but says that she has her own life to lead now.

Season 3, Episode 20: And Ma Makes Three

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