Sophia has been seeing a man named Rocco. Dorothy can’t stand him because she thinks that he’s a bad influence on Sophia. Rocco claims to be a big time mobster. Blanche and Dorothy read Rose’s diary. It contains some very unflattering writing that makes them think that Rose is constantly calling them pigs. Rose discovers that they had read the diary and ends their friendship over it. They all end up in Sophia’s room to talk it out. It turns out that Rose kept the diary when she was younger to get a pig diary bag. The three eventually make up and Sophia tells them to get out of her room. When they don’t after two requests, Sophia throws one of Rocco’s bags at them so they’ll get the message. But a great deal of money flies out. The girls discover thousands of dollars in the bag. Rocco claims that he got the money by robbing a bank.

Sophia feels responsible. She feels that he did what he did because he thought that was the only way he could keep Sophia in his life. She tries to convince him to turn himself in or she’ll have no choice but to leave him. He then comes clean. He was never a mobster. And he never robbed the bank. That money was his life savings. He was hoping to use it to treat Sophia the way she ought to be treated, like a queen. Sophia says that he has always treated her like a queen. And the two share a heartfelt embrace.

Season 3, Episode 21: Larceny and Old Lace

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