Rose has been in a wonderful relationship with a man named Al. When we meet him, he had just sold his deli and retired. But lately, Al has become somewhat lethargic, usually opting to sit at home and watch television. Rose is concerned and expresses her feelings. But Al thinks that she’s saying that she has gotten bored with him and calls their date off early. At the house, the girls hire a contractor to convert their garage into a guest room. But he’s completely incompetent and takes forever just to complete half the job. After Dorothy gives him an ultimatum, he quits. Sophia then brings in Vincenzo, now a senile elderly Italian man who doesn’t speak a word of English. His idea is that he’ll tell the girls what to do and have them do the work. But it very quickly becomes apparent that it won’t work. He brings in a crew of men who are around the same age as he is.  They’re actually able to do the work. But due to a mistake in communication between Sophia and Vincenzo, the finished product is still a garage.

Al took some time to think about what Rose said to him. He realized she was right. He’s been wasting his life. He decides to do something that he’s always dreamed about, sail around the world. He buys a boat, hires a crew, and asks Rose to come along with him. Rose is conflicted on what to do. She doesn’t know if she should go on the trip. Eventually, she does decide to go. On the night they’re set to embark on the trip, Al says that he can’t go. He gets terribly seasick. Rose is understanding, reassuring Al that he was about to do something incredible. And that they can still have plenty of great adventures without having to sail around the world.

Season 3, Episode 22: Rose's Big Adventure

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