Michael surprises Dorothy with the news that he’s getting married to a woman named Lorraine. If that’s not surprise enough, he tells Dorothy that Lorraine is black. He says she’s the one and that he’s never been so sure of anything. Dorothy says that’s all that matters and tells him that she’s happy for him. Lorraine arrives a couple of days later. There’s one little thing Michael failed to mention. Lorraine is almost twice Michael’s age. This leads to an argument between Dorothy and Michael. Michael says that Lorraine’s mother is not one bit concerned about the age difference. Lorraine’s mother and two aunts come by the house. She’s surprised when she meets Michael. Lorraine told her mom he was younger, but she didn’t mention that he’s white. Everyone starts arguing and things get quite tense.

Lorraine’s family comes back later. Everyone admits that they all lost their tempers and agreed on practically nothing. Neither family wants the wedding to happen. But they decide to talk it out rationally rather than snipe away at each other. They end up getting along fabulously over cheesecake and coffee. But Rose accidentally lets it slip that Michael and Lorraine decided to elope. The ladies all go to the wedding chapel and try and talk them out of it one more time. But Lorraine announces that she’s pregnant. Dorothy and Lorraine’s mother are not happy about the fact that their kids are getting married. But they’re both ecstatic over the thought of a grandchild. With the wedding now set to go ahead, all that’s left to argue about is what name the new child will have. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving either.

Season 3, Episode 23: Mixed Blessing

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