Rose begins dating Mr. Terrific. She met him at an autograph signing and spoke with him for over an hour. And he asked her out for that night. Dorothy is looking for summertime work and is discouraged when she finds out what her new job at a day camp will be. Mr. Terrific says he may be able to help her out. They’re looking for someone with education credentials to be a consultant on the show. Dorothy gets the job. She makes some recommendations to the producer. He loves them. But Mr. Terrific refuses to go along with the recommendations and is fired. Mr. Terrific is devastated. Dorothy is upset as well. She never intended for this to happen. She vows to do whatever she can to get his job back. Meanwhile, Blanche orders a new bed. But the store delivers the wrong one. It’s gorgeous but she can’t afford it. But she ends up being charged for the more inexpensive bed. She keeps it but is soon riddled with guilt. She can’t sleep. And she knows it will be a matter of time before they catch up with her.

Dorothy pleads with the producer to hire Mr. Terrific back but he’s not having it. He tries to get various people to replace Mr. Terrific. He decides there is only one thing to do. He vows to show everyone that he can actually fly. And he says he’ll do it from the ledge of the studio building. Rose tries to talk him out of it, even trying reverse psychology and saying he’ll have to take her with him. Mr. Terrific says he still intends to fly. And he does! Well, sort of anyway. He’s attached to a rope and a harness. It was all a publicity stunt. And it worked. Mr. Terrific gets his job back. And everything works out and all and everything is just terrific. Sorry.

Season 3, Episode 24: Mr. Terrific

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