Rose’s uncle Hingablotter passes away and leaves Rose custody of his “baby.” Blanche and Dorothy find themselves excited at the prospect until he shows up. A baby arrives all right. But it was an elderly pig named Baby. They refuse to let Baby stay until they find out that there’s a sizable amount of money that goes to Rose after Baby passes away and that she’ll split the money with them. Baby collapses one day; a vet comes by to look at him and diagnoses him with homesickness, saying that he most likely misses the farm he lived on.

When Baby starts squealing at the sight of a picture of the old farm, Blanche and Dorothy feel terrible at the idea that all they cared about was the money. The girls decide to send him back. It turns out he wasn’t homesick after all. He passed away not too long after. But he was happy to be back on the old farm and was able to pass peacefully in a familiar setting.

Season 3, Episode 3: Bringing Up Baby

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