The girls hire a new housekeeper named Marguerite. She’s a charming woman but not very good at her job. She’s constantly late, has broken quite a few glasses, and ruined one of Blanche’s blouses. The girls eventually decide that they have to let Marguerite go. Understandably, she’s upset and says that they’re making a very big mistake. After Marguerite is fired, a number of things go wrong for Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. They take this to mean that Marguerite put a curse on them for firing her.

They decide to hire Marguerite back. Sophia returns from her granddaughter’s wedding. Dorothy explains that Marguerite is dangerous and that she’s not ask her to lift a finger or mention anything to her about the curse. In true Sophia fashion, she brings up the curse to Marguerite. And it’s revealed that she never put a curse on them or has any magical powers. She’s studying for her future career at night and has to use her time at work to study. She apologizes for any trouble that was caused and leaves on good terms with the girls.

Season 3, Episode 4: The Housekeeper

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