Rose is distressed when the girls in the cadet troop she runs start talking about their concerns for the possibility of nuclear war. She’s bothered enough to write to both President Reagan and Soviet Premier Gorbachev. A representative from the Russian embassy named Alexi drops by the house. He mentions that Gorbachev was incredibly moved by Rose’s letter and would like to meet with her. Rose is overjoyed and even dreams that she gives an address in Moscow. The night of the press conference arrives, and Alexi mentions that he’s looking forward to meeting “little Rose.”

He reveals that based on the writing of the letter, that Rose must be a very young girl. Blanche and Dorothy initially have one of the girls in the cadet troop stand in for Rose. But Rose comes clean that she is the one who wrote the letter, and the press conference ends. Rose is dejected, but takes some comfort in knowing her words managed to move the heart of a major world leader. Blanche reads the letter to Rose. It’s a beautiful letter and Rose starts feeling better. She feels even more joy when she gets a very special phone call. But it turns out to be Sophia doing an imitation.

Season 3, Episode 6: Letter to Gorbachev

How did you do? Did you get closer to the number of questions correct as the number of positive comments to Sophia’s song? Or did you do better than Rose did at emphasising the value of honesty and integrity by telling the truth about who wrote the letter? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite moments and memories from this episode. Please be sure to share this quiz. Try out our quiz on the next episode, season 3, episode 7: Strange Bedfellows.