Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are working on the campaign of Gil Kessler who’s running to be city councilman. Unfortunately, he’s a bit of quite a lightweight and is way down in the polls. Blanche goes to Gil’s house to drop off a folder he left. They spent some time in his house talking. Photographers captured Blanche going into his house and the new big story is that Gil and Blanche had an affair. The girls believe Blanche at first when she says nothing happened. But then Gil admits that he and Blanche did have an affair. Blanche maintains her innocence, but they no longer believe her.

Blanche goes to his campaign headquarters and confronts him. She helps him see that if he wins the election, it won’t mean anything because he lied. Gil eventually decides to come clean. He says that he and Blanche never had an affair at all. He only said that because people started listening to him and stopped seeing him as such a wimp. But he doesn’t want the job without getting it honestly. He also reveals another deep, dark secret and eventually drops out of the race. Dorothy and Rose apologize to Blanche for not believing her. She forgives them and they’re the best of friends again.

Season 3, Episode 7: Strange Bedfellows

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