Rose’s cousin Sven is set to be married to a woman he never met before. He comes to Miami for a few days before his wedding. Blanche gets stood up again by Floyd McCallum. She takes Sven to lunch and Floyd walks in with another woman. Blanche kisses Sven in an effort to make him jealous. This leads to Sven falling in love with Blanche. Rose is aghast. She has to deal with the fallout of Sven announcing that he can’t marry his future bride since he doesn’t love her.

Sven and Blanche talk. He says that he knows she doesn’t know him well, but he’d like her to give him a chance. Sven will treat Blanche well and be the kind of man that she deserves. She promises to think about it. Sven’s bride shows up to take him to St. Olaf with her. He’s instantly smitten with her. He tells Blanche that he could never make her happy and goes off with his future wife.

Season 3, Episode 9: A Visit From Little Sven

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