Stan announces that he’s getting married to a woman named Katherine. He buys a ring to surprise Katherine with. In typical Stan fashion, it’s a small diamond. Well, actually, it isn’t even a real diamond. Blanche and Rose take Stan shopping for a really good ring. Sophia has been feeling unwell. She hasn’t been following the doctor’s orders and it finally catches up with her. She becomes severely short of breath and is rushed to the hospital. Stan ends up having second thoughts about the price of the ring he bought and came by the house and found out from the neighbors what had happened. He stops by the hospital to offer his support. The doctor tells Dorothy that Sophia is in serious condition, now dealing with pneumonia. It’s a very critical time and things don’t look good. Everyone leaves Dorothy at her request. But Stan comes back later with food and to help support Dorothy. After a doctor is extremely rude to Dorothy, Stan demands to be informed of Sophia’s condition in regular intervals. They fall asleep until the morning when the doctor comes in an says that Sophia will be fine. Stan stays and cleans up while Dorothy goes to see her mother. She tells the girls that she realized that she still loves Stan and can’t let him marry someone else.

The big day arrives and Dorothy plans to tell Stan how she feels. Blanche and Rose put a stop to that. Blanche locks Dorothy out of the room. We see her in the hotel bar. As luck would have it, she meets Katherine. Katherine talks about how much in love with Stan she is. She’s also worried that his ex wife will decide she wants him back, not realizing the whole time that it’s the ex wife she’s telling this to. Dorothy finally realizes that her time with Stan is indeed over. And she resigns herself to the fact that Stan and Katherine will make a good match.

Season 4, Episode 10: Stan Takes a Wife

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