The roof caves in at the house. Blanche calls a roofer named Sid LaBass. He tells them that he could do a patch job but it may not prevent leaks the next time it rains. A new roof is the way to go but it’s very expensive. The girls consider asking Sid to pay in installments until they overhear him yelling at a relative of his who’s late on a payment. They decide to go for the patch job. But sure enough, the next rain storm hits and the roof leaks again. The girls will be able to come with just about enough for a new roof. The girls go to an art show featuring the work of Jasper DeKimmel. He turns out to be a horrid man and was incredibly rude to the girls. Sophia volunteers at a local hospital and one of her patients is DeKimmel. According to Sophia, he’s just as nice as he was at the art show. Sheesh! She reveals that DeKimmel is dying and doesn’t have much time left.

The girls discover that there’s an auction that will be featuring DeKimmel’s work. If they can get one of his paintings, they can sell it after he dies because the value will be so much higher. They go to the auction and are able to get a painting. But in a phone call, Sophia reveals that he’s going to make it after all. Sid comes to the house ready to get started on the new roof. But Dorothy tells him that they can no longer afford it. Sid spots the painting and says that he’s always wanted an original DeKimmel. The girls work out a deal where they can have a new roof in exchange for the painting and some money. Sid accepts the offer and Dorothy rightly points out that Sophia is a REAL artist at work.

Season 4, Episode 11: The Auction

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