Rose begins seeing Ernie. She really likes him. But she’s later unsure about why he doesn’t seem ready to move things to the next level when they’ve been going out for a month. Ernie asks Rose to go away with him for a weekend. He then tells Rose what is going on. He tells her that he’s impotent. He tried to see if he could get over it by bringing her to a romantic setting but he can’t. Sophia receives something in the mail from her cousin Vito. She’s instantly nervous. Everything from Sicily is a symbol for something. Sophia tells the story about how her grandfather was run over by another man. The symbolic item in the letter means that the man’s grandson is in Miami and it’s up to Sophia to avenge what happened. Dorothy reads an article in the paper that leads her to believe that Sophia carried out the vendetta by killing the grandson. But that wasn’t the case. In the 80s, a vendetta is merely symbolic. They end up being attracted to each other and spend a “very pleasant” afternoon.

Ernie and Rose go to dinner. He thinks she asked him out to tell him she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Rose assures him that it’s not the case. She can be patient and is perfectly happy to take things slowly. And if they can’t be more than good friends, that’s okay with her. They then start talking about what sex is, trying to downplay it. But they end up getting themselves so excited that Ernie says it’s time. The two make love and Rose is happy. Ernie comes by the house and announces to Rose that he thinks he can win his ex wife back. He thanks her for what she’s done for him and Rose is shocked but wishes him well. I may have to put him on the list when I do my list on five more jerks from The Golden Girls down the line.

Season 4, Episode 13: The Impotence of Being Ernest

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