Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche all find themselves dateless on Valentine’s Day. They’re all very upset and soon start recalling previous happenings on Valentine’s Days. We first see a flashback with Sophia where she and Sal along with her father have car trouble in the midwest. Sal and her father have never gotten along and this doesn’t help matters. He goes off to find a bathroom and Sal surprises Sophia with Valentine’s Day candy. Then we see a flashback to the previous year’s Valentine’s Day. The girls unknowingly go to a nudist resort (okay clothing-optional). They’re appalled at first but decide to get into the spirit of things. But they end up suffering a hugely embarrassing (but highly hilarious for us viewers) episode in the dining room. Sophia reveals that she has a date with Julio Iglesias, not that anyone believes her.

The next flashback is from Blanche where she talks about how she helped a man she met in a bar get over his jitters when he’s planning to propose. She recalls the time George proposed to her in the same bar. He decides to go ahead with the proposal. Unbeknownst to Blanche, the man is proposing to his boyfriend. Our final flashback is a hilarious scene in a store. The girls are going away on a cruise and decide to buy condoms. The problem is that discretion is not the clerk’s strong suit. He asks for the price of the condoms… over the store loudspeaker. With everyone staring, Blanche gets on the microphone and explains that they’re not embarrassed and are only doing the responsible thing to do in this day and age. The doorbell rings and it’s the dates of Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy. As it turned out, Sophia was in cahoots with them tricking the girls so that they could arrange a fantastic night. The episode closes out with Julio arriving to take Sophia on their date.

Season 4, Episode 15: Valentine's Day

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