Sophia’s best friend passes away. Of course, she’s shaken up over it. But Dorothy is as well. She starts realizing that her time with her mother may be running short. She talks about how she sometimes finds herself just staring at her mother, as if she’s trying to hold to every moment and freeze her in time. Dorothy decides to take her mother away for a weekend of quality time and mother-daughter bonding. Rose tells a fairy tale from her childhood about an animal named Toonder. Blanche starts thinking that with Rose’s stories and her illustrations they have the makings of a great children’s book. Rose is excited about the idea. Things go very well at first until Blanche gets highly defensive over Rose’s critique of her artwork. They eventually work out their differences but it was all for naught. What Rose didn’t realize is that her parents got all their stories from a children’s book that had already been written. They’re both left disappointed.

Dorothy and Sophia get to Disney World. All Sophia wants to do is go on a certain ride. But Dorothy has other ideas. She drags out old photographs and letters. She even brings a projector so they look at old slides. Finally, Sophia can take no more. She starts to leave the room to go to the park when a big rainstorm hits at precisely the most imperfect time for her. It ends up raining for a whole day. Sophia eventually escapes the room and goes to the hotel bar. Dorothy wants to know why Sophia is so determined to ruin the weekend. Sophia tells a story that eventually helps Dorothy see that quality time can’t be forced. It has to just happen. Dorothy apologizes and says she has just one more thing to make the weekend a perfect one after all. She takes Sophia on the ride she’s been waiting the whole weekend to go on.

Season 4, Episode 16: Two Rode Together

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